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+ Our team has commenced collecting data about centraline profiles of runways.

+ The Brunei International GNSS Service station (BIGSS) is coming soon more

+ Masters program in Radar Remote Sensing (RRS), GNSS & GIS will be available soon @ UBD more


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Contributions and Donations

If you wish to contribute new records and, improving existing ones, or just would like to correct an error please email us. We are looking for natural flat features such as dry lakes, etc. Also, we plan to include a detailed cross-section for each runway. This is because in reality every runway has its own unique and sometimes complicated profile which is far different from a horizontal line (see the example below). This is quite a challenging task. If you already have such data, we will be very grateful and happy to receive them from you. We also appreciate donations of any kind. Your generous contributions will be put to good use to enhance the service.

The centraline profile of the runway 03-21 at the Brunei International Airport. The solid line was obtained by the photogrammetric method using 1:5,000 aerial photography. The dotted line was obtained from the SRTM data.


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